Equity, Trusts and Succession (Book)

Equity, Trusts and Succession (Book)

Juliet Chevalier-Watts, Sue Tappenden


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Date: 17/12/2013

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Equity, Trusts and Succession is a comprehensive and authoritative guide to the law in this field.

The text is written in plain language and designed to promote an understanding of the concepts that lie at the heart of the law of equity, trusts and succession, and the context against which that law was made.

Written by law lecturers Juliet Chevalier-Watts and Sue Tappenden, the book is designed to be a teaching aid which is tailored to the curriculum requirements for all law school courses covering equity, trusts and succession. The book begins with an introduction to the law of equity, followed by chapters covering fiduciary relationships, the creation of express trusts, constructive trusts, resulting trusts, trustees’ duties and the variation of trusts, charitable trusts, interim injunctions and tracing. The book is “rounded out” with a chapter devoted to the law of wills and succession.

Table of Contents

Part 1 Introduction/Overview

Chapter 1 Introduction to Equity

Chapter 2 The Fiduciary Relationship

Part 2 Trusts

Chapter 3 The Creation of Express Trusts

Chapter 4 Constructive Trusts

Chapter 5 Resulting Trusts

Chapter 6 Trustees’ Duties and Variation of Trusts

Chapter 7 Charitable Trusts

Part 3 Interim Injunctions and Tracing

Chapter 8 Interim Injunctions

Chapter 9 Tracing

Part 4 Wills and Succession

Chapter 10 Wills and Succession

Table of Statutes and Regulations

Table of Cases

Subject Index