11 June 2020: Separately bookable post-conference workshops

Workshop 1 (9.00am-12.30pm):
Conversations on health and wellbeing in the workplace

With health and wellbeing rising up the workplace agenda, where do safety professionals start in putting together an evidence based, sustainable approach? In understanding both the external and organisational factors that drive wellbeing it is possible to create a sustainable strategy for the organisation. This can include elements at an organisational level such as the design of work and the culture, but will also centre on individual and collective behaviours at both a line manager and leader level – who often don’t have the confidence or skills to have good wellbeing conversations. With the right strategy, tools and training in place all organisations can support and improve the wellbeing of employees. This workshop will:

  • Help you understand the key challenges facing workplaces – occupational health, public health and wellbeing, with a focus on mental health and stress.
  • Show you how to write a H&W Strategy based on both risks to health and opportunities to improve wellbeing.
  • Discuss the importance of line management and how line managers can have positive and proactive conversations on health and wellbeing.
  • Consider the importance of the Wellbeing Shadow – and how the behaviours of leaders play a significant role in the wellbeing of employees.

Dr Judith Grant, Director of Health & Wellbeing, Mace Group (UK)


Workshop 2 (1.30-5.00pm):
Post-conference workshop: Decluttering safety: An evidence-based approach to actually improve the safety of work

Safety clutter is all that safety work that has little actual value, but we expect our people to do anyway. All those forms and filing cabinets filled with tick the box requirements that make our colleagues roll their eyes. Other than being plain annoying, it becomes a real organisational problem due to the drain on time and resources, the negative impact on organisational culture and communication, and the reduced effectiveness of value adding safety activity. Safety clutter is actually detrimental to safe work.

In this workshop, David and Andrew will guide you through the evidence-based methods to evaluate your own safety practices to help you better influence the safety of work.The workshop will help you:

  • Understand what safety clutter is, and the difference between 'safety work' and the safety of work
  • Understand legal compliance aspects of safety clutter (with respect to both its presence, and its removal)
  • Appreciate the negative impact of safety clutter
  • Analyse the causes/sources of safety clutter, and identify current safety clutter priorities
  • Ensure your Safety Management Systems add value rather than clutter
  • Manage the expectations of important stakeholders through a decluttering process, including regulators, senior leaders, legal advisors, and the safety team
  • Have safety conversations that unlock insights in to what matters to workers and line managers
  • Create a plan to redesign your processes for effectiveness, as well as compliance

Facilitated by:
David Provan, Managing Director, Forge Works (Australia)
Andrew Barrett, Chief Connector and Host, Safety on Tap (Australia)

Each workshop is $395 + GST to attend. Spaces at our workshops are strictly limited – book early to avoid disappointment!