Jackie Rhodes, Managing Director – Legal, Australia and New Zealand, Thomson Reuters
9.10AM International keynote: the risks and rewards of innovation

Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, AI and machine learning have all been hyped as game-changers for the legal industry – will they deliver on their promise of groundbreaking transformation? Joseph Raczynski, will share his extensive expertise with the development and application of those and other innovative technological offerings, explain how strategic investment in technological advances will improve client service and create opportunities for the legal industry and discuss the risks, challenges and pitfalls associated with adopting innovative platforms and solutions.

Joseph Raczynski, Futurist, Thomson Reuters (USA)
9.55AM IT governance and innovation strategies: incorporating technology the right way

This session builds upon the previous discussion of technological offerings and provides detailed guidance on developing an organisational process and IT governance strategy on implementing that technology. What are the best ways to harness new technology, whether it be AI, deal automation tools or cloud offerings? And how does your innovation strategy intersect with – or flow from – your overall business strategy?

Mike Clarke, Partner - IT Strategy & Performance Advisory, KPMG
10.50AM Standing out from the crowd: using your marketing strategy to differentiate your firm

In their broadest terms, most law firms offer a homogenous service; legal services, charged at an hourly rate, with firms promoting their senior lawyers’ expertise as their unique selling point. So how do you stand out from the crowd? Many firms operationalise their marketing function, using it more as a PR and branding service, treating it as a cost centre, and missing the bigger opportunity. In this session, Ian draws on his research and experience working with professional services firms to provide a framework that will help you rethink your firm’s marketing and access new growth opportunities.

Ian McDougall, Founder and Head Strategist, Business Genetics
11.30PM Effectively utilising alternative legal service providers (ALSPs)

Roughly 51% of law firms and 60% of corporate legal departments are currently using ALSPs, yet most firms lack a comprehensive understanding of the full range of services available and use those services "reactively." With a global market of roughly $8.4 billion annually, those that can effectively leverage and proactively embrace ALSPs will be able to create a more efficient and profitable service model. This panel will discuss the utilisation of ALSPs and its financial (and other) effects.

Jane Parker, Partner, Minter Ellison Rudd Watts
Claudia King, CEO & Founder, Automio
Campbell McKenzie, Director, PwC
12.10AM Unpacking compensation models: an in-depth analysis

Does your compensation model strike the right balance between individual v firm success? Is it designed to promote firm values, such as teamwork or service to the profession? And does it facilitate the path to partnership and retain the best and most valuable lawyers? This session analyses the impact of your compensation model on achieving firm goals, generating revenue and driving success.

Emily Morrow, executive legal consultant
1.40PM International keynote: creating an effective pricing strategy

Colin Jasper will provide insight and advice to assist you in creating greater value for your clients while improving firm profitability. He will discuss:

  • Improving pricing at the strategic, tactical and matter management levels
  • Using pricing to strengthen client relationships
  • Driving improved pricing outcomes in your firm
Colin Jasper, Principal, Positive Pricing (Australia)
2.25PM International case study: Moores – abolishing the time billing model

How do you move away from a time-based billing system while still incentivising lawyers to perform, ensuring firm and matter profitability and creating maximum value for your clients? Learn from a firm that has eliminated time billing and developed an agreed pricing system, how they did so, its advantages and restraints and how it’s impacted their client experiences.

Kaizad Kasad, Business and Pricing Manager, Moores (Australia)
3.15PM Client panel: customer-centric approaches to legal services

Diversity and social responsibility? Efficiency or innovation? Clients are looking for more than just exceptional legal services. Understand your clients’ purchasing behaviours, learn what they value the most and how you can deliver on their demands.

Dr Andrea Vujnovich, Assistant Vice-Chancellor Corporate, General Counsel and Director of Governance, AUT
Sabina Bickelmann, General Counsel, Vend
John Rodger, General Counsel, Vector
4.00PM Diversity in action: transforming law firm culture

Despite years of sincere commitment to diversity initiatives and promoting women in the profession, as of October 2017, less than 27% of law firm partners were women. Recent allegations of sexual harassment in the legal profession have highlighted the disconnect between policy and culture. How can you develop a culture that promotes equal opportunities for success and inclusion? This session will discuss how to promote meaningful cultural change within your organisation and the challenges in doing so.

Moderator: Alicia Murray, President, Auckland Women Lawyers’ Association (Special Counsel, DLA Piper)
Kathryn Beck, President, NZLS
Kylie Mooney, Chief Operating Officer, Meredith Connell
Further panelists to be confirmed
4.45PM Closing remarks from the chair and end of conference

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Auckland: 6 November 2018

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