Company Law - Checkpoint

Company Law - Checkpoint

Linda Howes, Stephen Revill


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Date: 01/05/2013

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Company Law - Checkpoint

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Company Law - Checkpoint

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Company Law provides a comprehensive examination of New Zealand company law, combining expert commentary on the legislative wording with analysis of the latest developments in case law.

The product is ideal for the busy professional or researcher who is required to provide expert advice on New Zealand company law.

The annotated format allows easy navigation through the principal legislation governing companies. Key benefits include:

  • Clear, jargon-free commentary;
  • Practical analysis of developments in the law;
  • All relevant company law legislation fully consolidated and constantly up-to-date.

Company Law is a long-established work. First published in 1933 (entitled The Law Relating to Companies in New Zealand), a second edition was published in 1955. The third edition was published as Anderson’s Company and Securities Law in 1986. A fourth edition followed new company legislation in 1998, while the current edition was extensively re-written in 2003 to take full advantage of delivery in an online format.

The key purpose of the publication has always been to have a very practical focus that is of value to a wide cross-section of professionals, including lawyers in private practice, corporate lawyers and accountants. Anyone who is required to research or provide advice on New Zealand company law will find that Company Law is an essential source of information Financial Markets Law (also known as Securities Law in some formats) is available separately, but is fully complementary to Company Law.

Table of Contents

Companies Act

  • Companies Act 1993 - legislation and commentary
  • Companies Act Regulations 1994

Financial Reporting

  • Financial Reporting Act 2013: Introduction to the Financial Reporting Act 2013 and legislation
  • Financial Reporting Regulations 2015
  • Financial Reporting (Levies) Regulations 2014
  • Financial Transactions Reporting (Prescribed Amount Regulations 2010
  • Financial Reporting Act Exemption Notices
  • Approved Accounting/Auditing and Assurance Standards
  • Auditor Regulation: Auditor Regulation Act 2011, Auditor Regulations 2012, prescribed minimum standards for accredited bodies and prescribed minimum standards and conditions for licensed auditors and audit firms

Receiverships Act

  • Introduction to the Receiverships Act 1993
  • Receiverships Act 1993 - legislation and commentary

Company Liquidations

  • Introduction to Liquidations
  • Introduction to Voluntary Administration
  • Companies Act 1993 Liquidation Regulations 1994
  • Companies (Maximum Priority Amount) Order 2018
  • Companies (Reporting by Insolvency Practitioners Regulation 2020
  • Companies (Voluntary Administration_) Regulations 2007
  • High Court Rules 2016 - selected relevant extracts

Statutory Management

  • Corporations (Investigation and Management Act) 1989
  • Table of Corporations (Investigation and Management Act) Orders and the legislation

Useful Contacts

  • Contact details for related organisations

Tables of Cases and Legislation



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Practitioner is defined as employed and/or self-employed professionals within New Zealand including: solicitors, self-employed barristers, HR professionals and environmental specialists, corporate counsel, accountants including CPAs and CAs and registered tax agents and financial planners.
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