Elder Law in New Zealand (eBook)

Elder Law in New Zealand (eBook)

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Date: 15/12/2014

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Thomson Reuters, NEW ZEALAND


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Elder Law in New Zealand is written by contributors from a variety of backgrounds, ranging from legal and medical practitioners to elder law advocates and scholars, all of whom have applied their expertise to many of the legal issues encountered by New Zealand’s ageing population.

Elder law is comprised of a range of distinct but often interconnected areas of law. Each part of the book explores different facets of elder law including:

  • New Zealand’s “ageing in place” policy and the economic and legal implications of health trends; human rights, including the right to health care;
  • entitlements to services from district health boards;
  • retirement villages and rest homes, including dispute resolution and rights;
  • relationship property issues;
  • the legal remedies available for elder abuse victims;
  • the legal issues surrounding wills and dying intestate
  • the rights of older people with intellectual disabilities; and
  • the legal complexities faced by grandparents caring for their grandchildren.


As the first book published in New Zealand to address these issues in a single reference work, Elder Law provides readers with a comprehensive view of a complex legal landscape. Accessible and essential reading for legal and medical practitioners and scholars, elder law advocates and advisors, and professionals and organisations who work with and represent the interests of older people.


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Elder Law in New Zealand Extract


Extracts from a Law Society review by Dr Jennifer Moore, Senior Lecturer, Department of Preventive and Social Medicine, University of Otago

"It will make a crucial contribution to the continuing education of students, and also legal and health practitioners."
"The book's treatment of the legal issues is excellent."

Click the following link to open the full PDF review:
Elder Law in New Zealand, Law Society Review


Extract from a New Zealand Medical Journal review by Susan M McNaughton, Lecturer, School of Interprofessional Health Studies, Auckland University of Technology

"This book is both very approachable and extremely comprehensive... notable for an absence of legal jargon and the use of pertinent case studies that make it both interesting and engaging, and accessible for students."

Click the following link to open the full PDF review:
Elder Law in New Zealand, NZ Medical Journal Review


Extract from the Journal of Law and Medicine (Aus) General Editor Ian Freckleton QC, Professorial Fellow in Law and Psychiatry, University of Melbourne, Australia; Adjunct Professor of Law and Forensic Medicine, Monash University. Australia.

"The authors and editors have provided a valuable service in exploring the array of challenges to addressing the rights and needs of older people from diverse, contemporary and interdisciplinary perspectives. It is likely to be regarded as... having made a constructive contribution to bringing together diverse profesionals whose wish is to enhance the quality of life of the older members of our community."

Click the following link to open the full PDF review.
Elder Law in New Zealand, Journal of Law and Medicine Review



Table of Contents

  • Part 1: Introduction: Elder Law in New Zealand – Relevance and Context
  • Part 2: Setting the Context of Ageing in New Zealand
  • Part 3: Decision Making  
  • Part 4: Health Care and Rights
  • Part 5: Health Services, Pensions and Benefits and ACC
  • Part 6: Residential Issues
  • Part 7: Retirement, Wills and Estates
  • Part 8: Elder Abuse
  • Part 9: Emerging Issues in Elder Law

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