Raising the Bar: Women in Law and Business (eBook)

Raising the Bar: Women in Law and Business (eBook)

Natalya King

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Date: 24/11/2014

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Gender equality is a hot topic of late. HBO's Last Week Tonight John Oliver recently opined on the subject. Emma Watson has left Hogwarts behind and gone to the UN to address the issue.

The Global Gender Gap Report 2013 ranked New Zealand 7th out of 136 countries. Superficially that may appear to be good but New Zealand can do better. Raising the Bar provides the tools and insights to achieve that.

Raising the Bar: Women in Law and Business examines the progress and participation of women in New Zealand’s legal and professional services industries, and presents a practical blueprint for positive change.

The book takes a close look at the way in which women’s progress has stagnated over the last twenty years, and analyses the legislative, policy and social reasons for such stagnation. The book breaks down international research to explain the societal benefits of gender diversity, and, in particular, how diversity within a business increases profit and productivity.

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Raising the Bar Extract

Raising the Bar asks the questions and issues the challenge; for a country with a history placing us at forefront of women's suffrage, why are we now dragging our heels? And why are some business sectors doing conspicously better than others? For example: Are banks the gender equality champions of New Zealand workplaces? In this article for Online Insider, author Natalya King discusses how banks have taken the lead, and shares BNZ's winning strategy.

Extract from a review by Associate Professor of Law Elisabeth McDonald, Victoria University of Wellington

"This engaging and scholarly work... provides an overview of the research into the position of women lawyers – but more importantly, analyses successful models for change. Here is an essential go-to book for those businesses and law firms who want to (or say they want to) alter the culture and future of their enterprise."

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Raising the Bar Review

Extract from a review by Wendy Aldred, New Zealand Bar Association

"Raising the Bar squarely confronts the question of why women lawyers leave the profession and do not progress to senior levels in law firms."

"...the truly commendable thing about Raising the Bar is that King has clearly concentrated her efforts on demonstrating that the problems she outlines are not intractable."

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Raising the Bar Review

Author Natalya King Interviewed on Radio NZ

Kathryn Ryan (Nine to Noon) talks with Natalya who says she became tired of reading the same statistics and having the same conversations about the lack of female progress in New Zealand's corporate and professional services.

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EEO Commissioner Dr Jackie Blue Launches Book

In her speech to launch Raising the Bar: Woman in Law and Business Dr Jackie Blue said:
"The 2015 International Women’s Day theme is ‘Make it Happen.’ This is a direct call to action. And that is exactly what Natalya is doing."

Click to read the full text of her speech.


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