Residential Tenancy Law in New Zealand (eBook)

Residential Tenancy Law in New Zealand (eBook)

Stewart Benson

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Date: 30/09/2018

Code: 9781988553061

Thomson Reuters, NEW ZEALAND


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Residential Tenancy Law in New Zealand is a practical analytical text offering in-depth discussion and practice-based guidance on the Residential Tenancies Act 1986.

The book follows the logical progression of tenancy in New Zealand, starting with an introduction to the topic and analysis of the governing legislation before moving into the formation of tenancy agreements. The next chapters deal with bonds, rent and the rights and obligations of landlords and tenants with regard to a tenancy. There is a separate chapter on boarding house tenancies as well as final chapters on termination of tenancies and resolution of disputes by the Tenancy Tribunal and by mediation.

The expert commentary is supported by extensive case law analysis. The cases referred to are linked to Thomson Reuters’ Tenancy Law Cases Database, which has case notes and the full text of tenancy decisions previously difficult or practically impossible to find. The text is right up to date and includes discussion of the latest leading cases, such as Holler v Osaki and Anderson v FM Custodians Ltd, and the most recent legislative developments, such as methamphetamine, insulation, smoke alarms.

Stewart Benson is a Tenancy Tribunal adjudicator and author of nearly 1,000 case headnotes in the Tenancy Law Cases Database. The author has incorporated the huge number of case notes he has written into the text of the book, which provides users with never seen before scenarios, detail and application. His unique knowledge of the case law and intricacies of the Tribunal have come together in an essential resource written to arm practitioners, property managers, tenants and advocacy groups with the best understanding of the law.

See the Tenancy Law Cases Database.

Table of Contents

1.      Tenancy Law in New Zealand

2.      Application of the Act

3.      Tenancy Agreements

4.      Bonds

5.      Rent

6.      Rights and Obligations of Landlords and Tenants

7.      Termination of Tenancy

8.      Boarding House Tenancies

9.      Tenancy Tribunal


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