Wells on Animal Law (2nd Edition) - (Book)

Wells on Animal Law (2nd Edition) - (Book)

Neil Wells, Marcelo Rodriguez-Ferrere


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Date: 14/12/2018

Code: 9781988553726

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The first edition of Animal Law in New Zealand was published in 2011. It was, and remains, a comprehensive and authoritative tome by the “founding father” of the Animal Welfare Act 1999. Although the Animal Welfare Act is the core focus of the text, its scope is much wider, providing historical and legal context to the status and regulation of the animal-human relationship. This revised edition, renamed Wells on Animal Law to reflect the legacy and life work of the late Neil Wells, has been updated thoroughly and includes significant case law developments and the major legislative amendments to the Animal Welfare Act in May 2015 which introduced, amongst other things, introduced a framework for a new enforcement and regulatory regime, closed several loopholes relating to the hunting of animals, and introduced two symbolic firsts: the banning of cosmetic testing on animals and legislative recognition that animals are sentient.

Wells on Animal Law is an indispensable resource for practitioners and students of animal law, but also animal welfare enforcement agencies and anyone in an industry with – or for – animals.