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Plans for solo, small law and in-house legal teams
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From $95 per month 12 month subscription for 1 practitioner
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Legal professionals needing a basic collection of essential research materials.

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From $242 per month 12 month subscription for 1 practitioner
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Legal professionals needing a basic collection of essential research and practice area specific expertise to address client matters.

Premium Plan

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Legal professionals needing a core collection of essential research, definitive version of key decisions and practice area specific expertise.


polygon3 Core inclusions

Build your case, or address a matter with the utmost simplicity, speed and confidence. This core package includes new Westlaw’s market leading features such as KeyCite, KeyNumber system and Natural Legal Language in an all-in-one solution designed for legal research.

New Zealand Legislation
100% current, consolidated Statutes and Legislative Instruments for NZ. This includes features such as future and historic versions and point-in-time searching.

With KeyCite™, you can instantly see Citing Relationships by point of law and confirm the currency and good law status of cases, statutes, regulations, or administrative decisions. Formerly part of BriefCase/CiteCase, now smarter, and integrated into new Westlaw system.

Unreported Judgments
This easy-to-use service gives you fast, efficient access to the latest unreported judgments from around New Zealand, including the Supreme Court, Court of Appeal, High Court and more than 36 other Courts and Tribunals.

Practice areas

polygon3 Choose from 31 practice areas

Practice Areas enable you be the expert your clients need you to be. Access all content from each topic, for one affordable price. Select from 31 practice areas containing a comprehensive selection of content.

Also available as pay-per-view

Premium news - NewsRoom with Reuters

polygon3 Add-on

Premium for New Zealand contains a collection of Thomson Reuters online journals for New Zealand as well as Thomson Reuters Newsroom, which combines thousands of key newspapers, newswires and business-to-business publications into one integrated offering.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do your plans work?

Plans for new Westlaw are based on subscription packages optimised for 'all-you-can-search' functionality and working with the latest in smart tech advancements. After purchasing Essentials, additional content sets can be added such as premium content bundled by Practice Area, and Premium News. Customers can elect to purchase add-on content either as an add-on subscription, or via Pay-Per-View, once Essentials is purchased.

Our simplified business model ensures searches are more succinct so the system's new smart technology can connect you to your answer faster. For example, our base subscription, Essentials, contains content that is critical for advanced search algorithms that enables a smart and simple search.

Want to know more? We're here to help

I am a small Law Firm, why should I choose Westlaw?

Westlaw has always been your partner in legal technology, but with the launch of new Westlaw you can now completely shift the burden of looking for and analysing legal information to a smarter, faster system of algorithms, allowing you to spend more time delivering actual legal expertise to the client or matter at hand.

If you are a small or boutique-sized law firm, Westlaw delivers unprecedented functional value. Clients are now tech-savvy and have access to the same internet as your firm, and expect you to deliver answers faster and better than they can themselves. new Westlaw delivers small law firms a robust knowledge work solution that enables you to search the way you think. Once you find your authoritative source through one search (not multiple) you can then better interpret the answer. The platform helps your fee earners or staff narrow down findings, dramatically reducing response time.

Our core subscription ensures your firm has everything it needs to engage in meaningful, efficient and simple knowledge work. Outside of the core subscription, you can directly purchase specialist or niche content directly from search results, or simply add-on subscription bundles by Practice Area.

new Westlaw is a solution for the small law firm that values staying competitive and working smarter. Want to know more? We're here to help

I am a current Westlaw customer. What does this mean for my current subscription?

new Westlaw is a completely new and separate offering to the existing Westlaw. As such, your existing subscription is not at all impacted by the new Westlaw. To subscribe to new Westlaw, simply contact your Thomson Reuters Account Manager.

How does pay-per-view work?

Pay-per-view (PPV) is a new feature where users will be able to search for content outside of their new Westlaw subscription. Via PPV, users will be able to make one-off purchases for content they don't subscribe to. For example: precedent documents. All PPV purchasing and pricing options are available to users within new Westlaw platform.

How do I get started?

To get started, simply   to experience the future of legal research, today.