The Law of Religion in New Zealand bk

The Law of Religion in New Zealand bk


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Date: 08/10/2021

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The intersect between law and religion has ancient origins and has continued into contemporary times as a topic of examination, litigation and media attention – in particular around rights, discrimination and education.

The Law of Religion in New Zealand, by Juliet Chevalier-Watts, covers key areas of religion in a legal context. The first chapter introduces the reader to law and religion generally, considering the general relationship between the two; religion and the state; the meaning and place of religion, and religion’s general and legal definitions. Later chapters consider topics within New Zealand specifically such as religion in society, including Maori and religion and the post-colonisation religious landscape; freedom of religion; religion and family; religion and employment; religion and charity; and religion and education. The book references nearly 50 past and present statutes and legislative instruments that have developed the legal standing point for religion and law in New Zealand.

The Law of Religion in New Zealand is the first standalone text on religion and its operation in New Zealand. It is written to meet the needs of practitioners, academics, legal and theological students and religious denominations and churches alike.

Table of Contents

Foreword       Hon Margaret Wilson (DCNZM)

Chapter 1       Introduction

Chapter 2       Religion within New Zealand

Chapter 3       Religion and Charity

Chapter 4       Religious Freedom

Chapter 5       Religion and Education

Chapter 6       Family and Religion

Chapter 7       Religion and Employment

Table of Cases

Table of Statutes and Regulations

Subject Index