Human Rights Law (Looseleaf)

Human Rights Law (Looseleaf)

Lauren Qiu, Kathryn Dalziel, Jane Norton, John Hancock


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Human Rights Law (Looseleaf)

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Human Rights Law (Looseleaf)

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Human Rights Law - Westlaw NZ


Human Rights Law brings together commentary and analysis on the principal human rights statutes in a domestic and international context.

Human rights law in New Zealand has been evolving and developing since the Treaty of Waitangi was signed in 1840. While there is a close interrelationship between the key statutes, human rights law impacts on diverse areas of law which would otherwise be unrelated. Human Rights Law is the only product to combine a comprehensive selection of human rights materials, including domestic legislation, commentary and key international instruments.

The team of Human Rights Law updating authors bring together human rights experts working in legal practice, university law schools and for the Human Rights Commission. This results in a balanced and comprehensive view of an important, constantly developing, area of law. Human Rights Law is a valuable resource for anyone who is required to provide advice on or to research human rights law in New Zealand.

The format is designed to allow easy reference and quick access to the relevant information, and the human rights statutes included allow a wide variety of practical and academic queries to be addressed with confidence.

Table of Contents

Human Rights Act

  • Human Rights Act 1993 – introduction, commentary and analysis
  • Human Rights Amendment Act 1994

Human Rights Regulations

  • Human Rights Review Tribunal Regulations 2002
  • Human Rights Regulations 1993

New Zealand Bill of Rights Act

  • New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990 – commentary and analysis


  • Privacy Act 2020 (current)
  • Privacy Act 1993 (revoked)
  • Discursive commentary on current Privacy Act 2020
  • Official Information Act 1982

Health and Disability

  • Health and Disability Commissioner Act 1994
  • Discursive commentary
  • Heath and Disability Consumer Rights
  • Health and Disability Services (Safety) Act 2001 
  • New Zealand Public Health and Disability Services Act 2000

Social Security

  • Social Security Act 2018

Equal Employment Opportunities

  • Equal Employemt Opportunities and Human Rights in New Zealand
  • Discursive commentary

Treaty of Waitangi/Indigenous Rights

  • Treaty of Waitangi (English version)
  • Te Tiriti o Waitangi (Maori version)
  • Treaty of Waitangi (Kawharu translation)
  • Treaty of Waitangi (Merimeri Penfold Translation)


  • Immigration Act  2009 (current)
  • Discursive commentary
  • Immigration and Protection Tribunal Regulations 2010
  • Judicial Review Procedure Act 2016
  • Immigration Act 1987 (revoked)
  • Immigration Advisers Licensing Act 2007
  • Discursive commentary
  • Immigration Advisers Licensing Regulations 2008
  • Immigration Advisers Licensing (Partial Removal of Exemption) Regulations 2011
  • Immigration - Practice Notes

International Instruments

  • International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights
  • International Covenant on Economics, Social and Cultural Rights
  • Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women
  • International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination
  • Convention on the Rights of the Child
  • Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment
  • Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
  • United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
  • United Nations Standard Rules on the Equalisation of Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities
  • Discursive commentary


  • Pre-Employment Guidelines
  • Insurance Guidelines
  • Human Rights Commission Employers’ Guidelines for the Prevention of Pregnancy Discrimination
  • Human Rights Commission Guidelines on Health Insurance Premiums and the Human Rights Act 1993

Table of Acts and Regulations

Table of cases

Subject index

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