Law of Criminal Investigation NZ ebk

Law of Criminal Investigation NZ ebk

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Date: 30/11/2021

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The Law of Criminal Investigation in New Zealand offers a comprehensive and detailed account of relevant laws covering criminal investigations in New Zealand. 

The book has been written specifically to meet the needs of New Zealand criminal law practitioners, the courts, and government agencies.  It covers all criminal investigation powers and rights from the time of initial questioning to bail, charging, search and seizure, formal interviews, prints and forensic procedures, surveillance devices, covert investigations (undercover police, assumed identities, covert searches).

The Law of Criminal Investigation in New Zealand is authored by Professor Christopher Corns, an expert in criminal law and cross-jurisdiction writing based in Melbourne.  He has previously published Criminal Appeals and Reviews in New Zealand, with Douglas Ewan, with editions for the Singapore and Hong Kong jurisdictions as well as the original state-specific Criminal Appeals and Reviews in Victoria, and also has Criminal Investigations titles in Victoria and an Australia-wide edition.  



Table of Contents

CHAPTER 1       Introduction

CHAPTER 2       Background    

CHAPTER 3       Arrest, Detention, and Charge

CHAPTER 4       Bail

CHAPTER 5       Search and seizure

CHAPTER 6       Questioning

CHAPTER 7       Identifying people: DNA and other methods

CHAPTER 8       Surveillance and other forms of covert investigations

CHAPTER 9       Investigating terrorism and violent extremism

CHAPTER 10     Disclosure



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