Misuse of Drugs (2nd edition) ebook

Misuse of Drugs (2nd edition) ebook

Don Mathias

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Date: 31/01/2020

Code: 9781988591759

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Misuse of Drugs is the core reference on the laws of drug misuse and trafficking. Written by specialist author Dr Don Mathias, the nineteen chapters of Misuse of Drugs are a treatment of central topics in criminal law from the perspective of drug offences. This new edition has extensively revised the commentary to guide the reader through all major aspects of this complex and multi-faceted area of the law.  Significant developments include:

  • The offences of importation and exportation are now able to be interpreted in the context of new Customs legislation, and new offences of smuggling at sea have been introduced;
  • Liability for possession is subject to a new palliation defence, and greater discretion as to whether to prosecute has been enacted;
  • Assessment of the proximity requirement for liability for an attempt has received attention from the Supreme Court;
  • The stay of proceedings as a measure to prevent abuse of a court’s process is discussed in the light of Supreme Court guidance, and is compared with the decision process for determining the admissibility of improperly obtained evidence;
  • A major revision of the mental elements that make possession of controlled drugs and their analogues unlawful has been undertaken by the Supreme Court;
  • Revision of the sentencing guidelines for methamphetamine dealing is discussed, and is placed in the context of sentencing principles. Recently highlighted principles are also noted.

Misuse of Drugs is an essential resource for all criminal lawyers, for judges, the police, probation officers, forensic scientists, students and members of the public interested in the law of drug misuse and trafficking.



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