Parole in New Zealand Law and Practice 2e eBook

Parole in New Zealand Law and Practice 2e eBook

David Mather

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Date: 31/10/2019

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Thomson Reuters, NEW ZEALAND


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Parole in New Zealand: Law and Practice is the leading text on understanding and navigating the parole system in New Zealand.  It covers all major aspects of parole law and procedure, providing analysis of the Parole Act 2002, expert comment on case law, insights into the Parole Board process and interactions with key agencies. 

This new edition captures developments since the first edition was published in 2016, including case law updated statistics from the Parole Board and Department of Corrections, and information about programmes offered.  The book remains organised by topic and follows the parole process in a logical format, starting with a short history of parole and an overview of the Parole Act 2002.  The next chapters discuss the structure and functions of the Parole Board and offer a detailed commentary on the parole system in New Zealand, followed by chapters on eligibility, consideration and criteria for release on parole; information for parole hearings; the parole hearing; assessing risk; progression from prison inmate to parolee; and conditions of release.

Later chapters consider the role of victims in the parole process, the prison network, programmes in prisons, reviews and appeals, recall to prison, extended supervision orders, and parole and the media. There is a valuable chapter on the interface between mental health/intellectual disability and the parole process. The final chapter is new and examines the rationale for parole in New Zealand.

The book concludes with several appendices, including the full text of the Parole Act 2002 and general resource material on parole.

Written by District Court Judge and Parole Board member David Mather, Parole in New Zealand: Law and Practice is the only text on the legal aspects of parole matters.  It is a valuable resource in the criminal practitioner’s tool box and continues to be a must-have for legal professionals, academics, policy makers, the judiciary and those advocating for the rights of victims or prisoners. 


Table of Contents


Foreword to the First Edition

Preface to the Second Edition




Chapter 1 History of Parole in New Zealand

Chapter 2 Parole Act 2002

Chapter 3 Eligibility for Parole

Chapter 4 Consideration for Parole

Chapter 5 Criteria for Release on Parole

Chapter 6 Information for Parole Hearings

Chapter 7 Release of Information to Offenders

Chapter 8 The Parole Hearing

Chapter 9 Assessing Risk: Structured Decision-Making

Chapter 10 Mental Health and Intellectual Disability

Chapter 11 Release and Conditions of Release

Chapter 12 Deportation Orders and Extradition

Chapter 13 Victims

Chapter 14 The Prison Network

Chapter 15 Programmes in Prisons

Chapter 16 Reviews and Appeals

Chapter 17 Recall to Prison

Chapter 18 Extended Supervision Orders, Section 107 Orders and Public Protection Orders

Chapter 19 The Media and the Public Interest

Chapter 20 Why Parole?

Appendix 1  Parole Act 2002

Appendix 2  Prison Statistics (as at 30 June 2019

Appendix 3  Prison Network

Appendix 4  Glossary of Abbreviations



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